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Architectural and Design Solutions

Deneb Design is a specialist architectural consultancy visualisation and design studio. We can assist in planning procedures in the preparation of Shadow Diagrams, Photomontage and other architectural services.


3D Modelling and Visualisation images and graphics. Photo-Realism images for marketing, [vizualisation][mini comparision site here]


Shadow Diagram

Plan / Elevation or 3D View - using 3D Computer mapped shadows for any hour/date, including plan and elevations, and 3Dview. Certified shadow diagrams . [shadow diagrams]


Energy Assessment - Basix

NATHERS and BASIX assessments.[basix, ABSAassessor]


Architectural Model

Architectural Scale Models NEW .[architectural scale models]


Proposed design placed into existing photograph - certified accuracy. [photomontage]


View Analysis

The view analysis shows the proposed design into the view, ensuring the impact of the design is fully considered - superior to survey sight poles.




Other Services


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